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10 Tips to Get You Through the Final Stretch of Your Review

The last days of your board exam preparations are the most mentally and physically demanding. You can't quit now! You have to keep that fire burning. Here are 10 tips to help you go through the final days of your preparation!

1. RELAX. You have done your part for the past months. Three or four days of panicking will do more harm than good and will throw your cortisol and catecholamine levels to unproductive extremes!

2. HAVE A PLAN. Set your objectives for the next three or four days. Do you need to go back and read a certain topic? Did you forget to review a certain assessment exam? Which subjects do you think need more polishing? Turn these objectives into an HOURLY SCHEDULE and commit to it!

3. Continue with your established routine. Do not break your momentum!

4. While recall questions are tempting (much like chocolate cake), your notes and books form your basic foundation. Go back to them! Don't waste your time re-reading your review notes again and again and again! Twice or thrice is enough. You need your foundations!!!

5. Try to wake up at 5 AM everyday just to normalize your wake-sleep cycle. Trust me. A sleepless night right before the exams won't do any good. Less caffeine in the evening is a good idea too.

6. At this point, make sure you have everything you need for the boards. Keep your NOA somewhere visible at all times (and unreachable by pets, younger siblings, rats, etc.)

7. Make sure you have visited the exam venue especially if you are not familiar with the place. Note entry and exits points. Look for the restroom nearest your assigned room. Check if there are nearby canteens so you will know if you need to pack your lunch and bring your snacks.

8. Assign someone to be your "wake-me-up" buddy on the day of the board exams. All the time you have spent reviewing will be put to waste if you do not arrive in time for the boards!

9. Stop stress-eating! Eat healthy, balanced and high-fiber meals regularly until the day of the exams. You need to be as fit and as comfortable as possible while taking the exams. The chocolate and sweets can wait!

10. GET OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA NOW! The clock is ticking! Discipline yourself and make the most out of your remaining time!

Aim high! Aim for the top! You can do it, teammates!

Sincerely yours, Sir Gab

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