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Updated: May 21, 2020

A. What to Bring on Examination Day
  • Notice of Admission

  • Application Stub

  • PRC Official Receipt

  • Two or more pencils (No. 2)

  • Ballpens with BLACK INK ONLY

  • One (1) piece Metered-Stamp Window Envelope

  • One (1) piece Long Brown Envelope

  • One (1) piece Long Transparent (non -colored) Plastic Envelope (to keep above items)

B. What to Wear on Examination Day
  • MALE - school uniform/white polo shirt or T-shirt (tucked-in)

  • FEMALE – school uniform/white blouse or T-shirt

C. General Instructions To Examinees

  • Report to the Test Center before 6:30am on the first day of examination to verify your room and seat number.

  • To check for your room assignment, visit this link ( The room assignments for different testing sites are not uploaded at the same time. For Baguio, the assignment is usually given a week before the exams.

  • Late examinees will not be admitted.

  • Attend to your personal needs before the start of examination in every subject. No examinee will be allowed to go out of the examination room while the examination is in progress.

  • Always put your answer sheet on top of the armchair while taking the examination.

  • Stop answering the test questions at the end of the time alloted for the subject. Arrange your test papers as follows:

  1. Notice of Admission;

  2. Answer Sheet; and

  3. Test Questionnaire

  • Do not leave the room until

  1. your answer sheet and test question set are received by the room watchers,

  2. you have signed, indicated the time and set (A or B) on the Examinees Record of Attendance, and

  3. the lower portion of your Notice of Admission (Certification on the Receipt of Test Papers) is signed by the Room Watchers and returned to you

D. Identification Sheets, Answer Sheets

For instructions on accomplishing ID sheets and answer sheets, please visit this link:

E. Prohibited Acts Inside the Examination Room
  • Accepting or receiving anything, including food from any person while the examination is in progress.

  • Giving money, food, or any favor and other consideration to the Room Watchers and other examination personnel.

  • Loitering, talking, or discussing your answers inside the room or along the corridor while the examination is in progress.

  • Putting any of the following markings on your answer sheets: name, seat number, unnecessary words or phrases, strokes, dots or any other marks not called for in the test questions.

  • Penalties:

  1. Placing of name in the space provided for the subject of the examination shall be, aside from the cancellation of the examination papers, suspension from taking the examination for one (1) year;

  2. Multiple markings shall be cancellation of the examinees examination and suspension from taking the examination for two (2) years.

  • Taking out the examination room test questions used or pages thereof, copying, and/or divulging or making known the nature or content of any examination question or answer to any individual or entity.

  • Copying or referring to any solution, answer or work of another examinee or allowing anyone to copy or refer to your work, helping or asking help from any person or communication with anyone by means of words, signs, gestures, codes and other similar acts which enable you to exchange, impart or acquire relevant information.

  • Bringing inside the examination rooms the following: books, notes, review materials and other printed materials containing principles or excerpts thereof, coded data/information/ formula which are relevant to or connected with the examination subject, PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS, CELLULAR PHONES, beeper, portable personal computers or other similar gadgets/devices. The act shall be considered cheating and/or act of dishonesty and shall be a ground for the cancellation of your examinations (PRC Resolution No. 463 dated November 27, 1996).

Maintain discipline at all times, any misconduct or irregularity on your part or any violation of the examination rules and regulations and instructions will be sufficient cause for the cancellation of your examination papers and your debarment from taking any future licensure examination.

Do not bring bags of any kind in the examination room. Keep allowed items and valuables inside your plastic envelope. PRC will not be answerable for lost items.

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