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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hi future doctors! In behalf of the team, I would like to wish you luck in the NMAT exams. You have prepared well. Relax. You just have to take the exam tomorrow and God will do the rest for you.

Here are some final reminders:

1. Read the “INSTRUCTIONS ON THE DAY OF THE TEST” on the CEM website. Here’s the link:

2. From my personal experience, it would be handy to have a wrist watch with you so you can monitor the time. Remember that the exams are under time pressure. Do not spend too much time on one question! Note: Check on the new CEM guidelines if they still allow watches!

3. Make sure you come to the venue with an empty bowel (Most important tip ever).

4. Sleep extra early, wake up extra early. Take a light meal within 30 minutes of waking up. Coffee is fine if you’re a coffee person like me. Just make sure you spend extra time at home waiting for your bowel movement. (Refer to tip #3)

5. Double check stuff you need to bring to the venue the day before the exams. Keep them somewhere visible (and away from your smaller siblings or pets)

6. Arrive early at the venue so you’ll be more relaxed. Avoid groups of students cramming at the venue. Chances are, they will just make you feel more tense. If you think you need to scan notes, look for a quiet corner where you can be alone.

7. During the exam proper, make sure to listen always to the proctor. You can be 100% prepared but if you do not follow instructions, all your preparations might go down the drain. If you are unsure about something, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FROM THE PROCTORS!

8. In the aptitude tests (verbal, PA, Inductive reasoning and especially, QUANTITATIVE SKILLS!), choose to answer the EASY or SHORT or LESS COMPLICATED questions first. A lot of students do not really finish these parts of the exam because of lack of time management. Point is, BE WISE. Personally, I was not able to finish 5 or 6 items in the Quantitative skills part but I still managed to get that 800 rating because I answered the easy and short ones first and made sure that these items counted (or at least had a higher chance of being correct)

9. Be careful in shading the answer sheet! This is a common error among students costing them points, confidence and composure! When transferring answers, double check the item number first before you shade. (e.g. “38. D, shade... 39. B, shade... 40. C, shade...” not “38 to 45, DBC...”)

10. Relax. Pray. Claim it. You are on your way to becoming a future doctor. You are on your way to choosing your medical school of choice. You are on your way to #AceTheNMAT

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