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For inquiries, you may contact us at 0916.327.7049/0922.688.5588. You may also message our FB page.


BAGUIO (Face-to-Face)

1st Batch     October 14, 2023 - March 2024      | P13,000

2nd Batch   November 18, 2023 - March 2024 | P13,000

3rd Batch    January 6, 2024 - March 2024       | P13,000

DAVAO (Face-to-Face)

1st Batch     October 28, 2023 - March 2024     | P18,000

2nd Batch   December 9, 2023 - March 2024   | P18,000

PAMPANGA (Face-to-Face)

1st Batch     December 2, 2023 - March 2024   | P14,000


1st Batch     October 7, 2023 - March 2024        | P8,500

2nd Batch   November 11, 2023 - March 2024  | P8,500

3rd Batch    December 9, 2023 - March 2024   | P8,500

4th Batch    January 6, 2024 - March 2024       | P8,500

*includes handouts, FREE SHIPPING, and Final Coaching. NO HIDDEN CHARGES!!


1. Review fee is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Upon enrollment, student agrees that change of mind or voluntary withdrawal from the review program at any time disqualifies the student from any form of refund whether partial or in full.

2. Students may enroll by paying in FULL or 50% DOWNPAYMENT via online transfer or bank deposit (EXCEPT for ONLINE REVIEW where FULL PAYMENT is required).


3. Remaining balances should be settled within one (1) week from the start of the review program. Please keep your proof/s of payment for verification.


Students who cannot settle their balances within the one-week grace period should accomplish a Promissory Note to be submitted to the Legend Office (in duplicate). The grace period can only be extended up to 45 days.   


The following are available discounts enrollees can avail. Discounts are only applicable for students paying in FULL upon enrollment.  Downpayment automatically disqualifies enrollee from the discounts. Take note that enrollees can only avail one (1) discount at a time. Please pay the discounted review fee already.

  1. Legend Alumni Discount: Re-enrollees are entitled to a 50% discount provided that they are fully-paid in their previous enrollment. Please take note that this discount is ONLY applicable to past ONSITE reviewees re-enrolling in the next ONSITE review program. NOT applicable to any ONLINE review program or to past ONLINE reviewees.

  2. Latin Honor Discount: Cum laude graduates get 25% off. Magna cum laude graduates get 50% off. Summa cum laude graduates get full scholarships. Applicable to ALL PROGRAMS.

  3. Group discount: Groups of 10 enrollees get P500 discount each. Please message the Legend FB page prior to your enrollment to avail. You will be asked to provide the names, schools and other details of your group members prior to enrollment. A discount code will then be assigned to your group to be used during enrollment. Group enrollees may enroll together as a group or individually within a 15-day period. Applicable to ALL PROGRAMS.

  4. Referral discount: Legend alumni may endorse enrollees for the enrollee to get a referral discount. The enrollee gets P500 off. Please indicate the name and batch of the referring Legend alumni on your online enrollment form (see enrollment procedure below). Applicable to ALL PROGRAMS.

  5. DAVAO BRANCH Special Discounts: 

    • Groups of 10 enrollees get P2000 discount each. Please follow similar instructions for group discount above when availing of this discount

    • Transferees from other review centers: Transferees who enrolled in any March 2024 review program from other review centers get a discount similar to their previous downpayment (up to P3500 only). Please upload your proof of payment and enrollment in the other review center. You will be asked to surrender your ID card (if available) from your past review centers

    • Retakers discount: Retakers get 25% off. Please upload your previous board rating. 


Discounts should be immediately availed upon enrollment. Only enrollees paying in FULL can avail of the discounts. Please pay the discounted amount already (full payment minus applicable discount).  No refunds are made after enrollment if the discount has not been applied. For clarifications regarding the discounts, please message our Legend Facebook page prior to enrollment.


1. Pay review fee via online banking/over-the-counter bank deposit  to the BPI accounts below. For online banking (including GCash), please use QR codes to transfer. Enrollee should keep proof of payment for verification. Review fee is strictly NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE. 

a. For Baguio, Pampanga, and Online Reviewees:


Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account number: 8539-1132-76

Account name: Gabrielle Paul S. Pascual

QR code (for online banking/ GCash):

b. For Davao Reviewees:


Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account number: 0576-9009-13

Account name: Gabrielle Paul S. Pascual

QR code (for online banking/ GCash):


For online banking, you may use other online banking/ payment apps to transfer to the above BPI accounts. Please indicate under "Notes" your (1) branch of enrollment, (2) review program and batch, and (3) full name in the following format: "Branch, Review program and batch - Full name".  See sample here:

For those using GCash, click on "Transfer" and click on "Scan/Upload Bank QR". Please use only your personal GCash account. Under "Send Receipt To", kindly put IMPORTANT: You need to take a screenshot of the transaction confirmation (not just the temporary confirmation)

2. Scan / Take a clear picture of your proof of payment.

a. For bank over-the-counter deposits: On the deposit receipt, please write the following legibly: "MTLE Review - [Your Last Name, Your First Name]". Scan/ take a picture of your proof of payment side by side with the enrollee's valid ID

See sample here:

a. For online banking: take a screenshot of the fund transfer confirmation sent to the email linked to your online banking / payment app. Do not edit / crop the screenshot in any manner. Make sure that the following are visible: (1) confirmation/transaction number, (2) transaction date and time, (3) bank account number,  (4) amount transferred and (5) notes (which specifies your branch, batch and full name are stated in instruction #1 above).

See sample here:

3. Rename proof of payment as "MTLE Review - [Your Last Name, Your First Name]". 

4. Accomplish the ONLINE ENROLLMENT FORM found on the link below. A Google Account is needed to accomplish this form. You will be asked to upload your (1) Proof/s of Payment and (2) valid ID on the Online Enrollment Form. 

5. Check your email immediately after enrollment. You will receive a welcome email with instructions. You will be asked to join your batch Facebook group.


If you did not receive an email right away, check your spam folder and other inboxes. If you are sure you did not get a welcome email, do not accomplish the Online Enrollment Form again. Message the Legend FB page to check if your enrollment was recorded in our database


1. Keep yourself updated by visiting your batch Facebook group frequently. 

2. Settle your remaining balances within one week of the start of classes. 

3. Students who cannot settle their balances within the one-week grace period should accomplish a Promissory Note (in duplicate). The grace period can only be extended up to 45 days. Students who fail to settle their balances within the allotted time frame will not be allowed to attend classes and to receive any notes or review materials. 

4. For Online Reviewees, take note that shipping of notes is during the week before the start of class. We cannot ship notes ahead of time.

Thanks and see you all soon, future RMTs!

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