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NOTE: For students who cannot yet enroll, you may also pre-register a slot by visiting this page:

For inquiries, you may contact us at 0916.327.7049/0922.688.5588. You may also message our FB page.


1. Please prepare the following requirements prior to enrollment

  • Two (2) 1 x 1 ID pics with white background and nametag

  • Latest school ID or any other valid ID (for verification purposes)

  • A working email address

  • Proof of award (for those with Latin honors)

  • Review fee (either in full or 60% downpayment). For re-enrollees, please see #2 below. For students with Latin honors, please see #3 below.

NOTE: Representatives of enrollees (parents, schoolmates, etc.) are allowed provided that they have brought the complete requirements of the enrollee.

2. Re-enrollees are given 50% discount for the current review program. Please present your previous enrollment form for verification. Failure to present previous enrollment form disqualifies enrollee from availing the discount.

NOTE: Re-enrollees who have not paid their remaining balance in the previous programs are not eligible for the 50% discount.

3. Students graduating with Latin honors are entitled to the following discounts:

  • Summa cum laude – 100% discount

  • Magna cum laude – 50% discount

  • Cum laude – 25% discount


1.Enrollee deposits payment at the nearest BPI or Metrobank branch to any of the following accounts:


Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account number: 8539-1132-76

Account name: Gabrielle Paul S. Pascual


Account number: 238-3-238-34030-7

Account name: Gabrielle Paul S. Pascual

Enrollee should keep the deposit slip as proof of payment for presentation. No payment shall be collected in cash. Review fee is strictly NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE. 


NOTE: Enrollees who have not yet deposited their payment may also proceed with the enrollment procedure provided that they return within 24 hours to the office to show proof of payment. Students who fail to do so may be required to repeat the enrollment procedure.


2. Enrollee proceeds to Legend Review Center together with his/her complete requirements and proof of payment (deposit slip). The enrollment procedure shall only be administered by representatives of Legend Review Center. Please do not transact with suspicious individuals.


Enrollees shall only be entertained during office hours (except on holidays).

Office hours: Mon. to Fri. 8-5 PM / Sat. 1-5 PM

Office address: Unit 306 Long Se Bldg., Brgy T. Alonzo, Baguio City

(in front of Baguio Health Department)


3. Enrollee accomplishes two (2) copies of the enrollment form. One copy is submitted together with one (1) 1 x 1 ID pic attached. The other copy of the enrollment form is kept by the enrollee.


NOTE: Enrollees are asked to present their copy of the enrollment form when paying their remaining balances and when seeking clearance. Please do not lose your copy.


4. Enrollee will be asked to enter his/her information personally in the student database to avoid incorrect spelling of names, email addresses, etc. Take note of your student number which you will be using as ID # during exams.


5. Enrollee will be given a receipt in exchange for the proof of payment. Enrollee should keep receipt as proof of payment.

6. Enrollee is given his/ her Review Kit once payment has been made and verified.


The Review Schedule shall be given during the first day of classes / orientation program. Please do not lose your Review Kit. Replacement of the Review Kit (or a part thereof) costs 300 pesos.


7. After completing the enrollment procedure, enrollee is given instructions on how to join the batch Facebook page. Enrollee is also instructed on how to become a member of the Legend website (


1. Keep yourself updated by visiting your batch Facebook page frequently. Visit the Legend website for member-only available learning resources.

2. On the first day of classes, please bring the following:

  • Your complete Review Kit

  • Your copy of the enrollment form and proof of payment

  • 1 black ballpen, 1 mongol pencil and your scientific calculator (a pre-test will be administered on the first day of class)

3. Wear your IDs properly prior to entering the premises of Legend Review Center. IDs will be checked by the review assistant. The “No ID, no Entry” policy shall be strictly implemented.

4. Write your student number on all answer sheets whenever you have examinations.

5. Settle your remaining balances within one week of the start of classes. Payment of balances shall also be made via bank deposit (please see bank details above).

6. Students who cannot settle their balances within the one-week time frame should accomplish a Promisory Note (in duplicate). Students who fail to settle their balances within the allotted time frame will not be allowed to attend classes and to receive any notes or review materials. Late payments shall also incur a 10% charge.

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